Sunday, August 22, 2010


I guess the stress has finally gotten to me. My kids and I were supposed to go camping this weekend. I went and bought a tent and some sleeping bags, hot dogs, marshmallows, etc. We got to the campground and set up with the other people who were camping. My stomach had been hurting before we got there, but I thought maybe it was the heat. As the night progressed, the pain got worse. We ended up having to leave around 2000. I dropped my kids off at my mom's and went to the emergency room. I had blood drawn, peed in a cup, a chest xray, and a ct scan of my abdomen. Of course, they couldn't find anything. So the doctor said she thinks it is an ulcer. An ulcer! At 31! Sigh.... So I have been taking medication and it's getting better. I thought I was handling everything fine, but my body is telling me different. As I'm writing this, I have not had any pain since lunch (it's 2145 here). So I'm hoping it was just bacterial and the meds are clearing it up. The worst part is my kids were so excited all week about going and then I had to take them home. I feel awful. So I am going to think of something to make it up to them. And I am going to make exercise (stress relief) a top priority. That seems to be the only way to calm myself down. Four more months until the hubby comes home. I can't wait! Thanks for reading!

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