Monday, August 30, 2010

Down day

Having kind of a down day. It's weird because I made nachos last night. I love nachos! But I think all the salt and fat that are in the cheese and chips made me feel really down today. I know when I eat a ton of fruit and veggies, low fat dairy and meat, and whole wheat products, I have tons of energy and feel great about myself. This morning, I looked in the mirror and felt awful. Bad haircut, need to lose weight, etc., etc., etc. I've been loading up on good stuff today, but the pull of wanting junk is hard to resist. When I eat junky, I crave junky. Hopefully today will get better. Missing my husband adds to all the down feelings. I know he really wants to come home. I want him to come home so I can get some peace and quiet. On the upside, my mom got me this great book on making purses. So hopefully the creative outlet will boost my spirits a little bit. Sometimes I wonder if doing nutrition was the right field. I love to create. If I was independently wealthy, I would have gotten some sort of an Arts degree. But I also realize I need to finish what I have started. I have never finished anything that I have started (this is my fourth college). I only have a year and a half left, but sometimes that seems so far away.

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