Friday, August 27, 2010

The great outdoors

After my awful weekend with the trip to the emergency room, I worked out a schedule with my mom so I could exercise every day. I know how all the workout magazines and other people say how good exercise is for stress and your health, but I'm always amazed at how awesome I feel afterward. Plus the weather has finally broken and I can walk without getting super overheated. It's nice to get out and have that positive attitude feeling when I am done. Of course I wish I could just come home and relax after the walk, but supper and children beckon. While I walk, I think about how badly I want to plant a garden when I finally have a house. Now, I have what I call a "black" thumb. My husband has a bright green thumb. I kill anything I try to nurture in the garden. He can bring it back. So I know I have a lot to learn. I have these wonderful visions of planting this huge garden that will provide fruits and vegetables for my family, my cousin's family, my mom, and my aunt and uncle. I even read about this one woman who has such a great garden she gives fresh produce to the food pantry. How cool is that? I bought some cucumber at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. Granted, they last forever, but that gummy stuff on the outside is disgusting. I can't wait to walk outside and get a fresh cucumber whenever I want. Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading! Thanks!

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