Monday, September 20, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog (cliche, I know)

I don't know if I will continue to blog. I'm not sure if anyone is really reading what I write (beside the professor, of course). I don't have that intersting of a life to begin with, so I know my writing doesn't invoke heated discussions. And that's ok. I have never been a person to share my feelings with a lot of people so it was a little weird at first having to write. I guess I've always been a private person. I love sitting and listening to other people talk and share their problems, but I don't share mine as readily. If more people read and commented on my posts, I think I would be more apt to blog after class. I know a girl from high school who has five kids and works full time that blogs all the time. I have no earthly clue where she finds the time. I have decided to learn how to sew so much of my extra time is taken up by this. Ooh, a light bulb just went on over my head! I could blog about the learning process. I have already made two purses and a third one is in the works. Well, I'm off to my anatomy discussion board. Thanks for reading!

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